From 2016 to 2020

No. of vehicles in thousands

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Full Year
Average Daily Full-length Equivalent Traffic #  ('000) 70 - - - 86 103 104 106 - - - - -
% Growth (Compared With Last Year) -34% - - - -8% -1% -2% 2% - - - - -

From 2000 to 2020

No. of vehicles in thousands

# Excludes toll free traffic

Caution Statement
Operation statistics contained herein are compiled from the Group’s unaudited internal records. Some of the operation statistics are recorded with estimates at the time of monthly settlement and disclosure. As certain procedures are required to perform in data sorting, confirmation and settlement under the circumstances of integrated toll fee collection system, there may be discrepancies between such operation statistics and those disclosed in periodic reports. In addition, current monthly provisional statistics is adjusted for the difference between the provisional and the actual settlement statistics of the previous month, which may distort the year-on-year comparison. While due care is taken in the disclosure of the statistics by the Company, such statistics serves as provisional statistics for investors’ reference only. Investors are advised to exercise caution when using such statistics and not to unduly rely on such statistics.

N1: Holiday Toll-Free Policy was implemented since 2012 National Day holiday. For details, please refer to the announcement dated 14 Aug 2012.
N2: Traffic and toll revenue year-on-year growth were affected by different days of the Lunar New Year Holidays and the implementation of toll-free policy for passenger vehicles with 7 seats or less, sixteen days of toll-free were implemented during 24 Jan – 8 Feb in 2020, compared to seven days during 4-10 Feb in 2019.
N3: Full month operation statistics is not available given the tolls of all toll expressways is waived nationwide commenced from 00:00 a.m. on 17 Feb 2020. For details, please refer to the announcement dated 17 Feb 2020.
N4: All toll expressways nationwide still implemented waiver of tolls during 1-5 May 2020 and resumed toll fees collection from 00:00 on 6 May 2020. For details, please refer to the announcement dated 29 Apr 2020.